The Red Wing Housing and Redevelopment Authority provides housing opportunities to elderly, disabled, handicapped, and family households in the city of Red Wing, Minnesota through a number of local, state, and federal programs. In addition, the RWHRA provides community redevelopment programs to assist in the development of businesses and their properties in Red Wing.

We operate our business with four values in mind:
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From Red Wing HRA Staff 

Affordable Housing is Coming to Red Wing

For the past 1 ½ years, the staff of the Red Wing HRA have been working with Keller-Bartmann Properties LLC, a Red Wing development company, in the development of 250 housing units to be built over five years in four phases.  The development will be located in two parcels, one at the intersection of Tyler Road and Hewitt Boulevard; the other located just south of State Street on Red Wing Avenue South (and Rivers Ridge Drive).

The development will be begin with the construction of 108 general occupancy apartment units, then 32 Townhomes, followed by 78 units designated for Seniors and finishing with another 32 Townhomes.   100 units will be designated as affordable for household who earn 60% or less of the Area Median Income. 

 The entire development will cost $46 million.  The HRA processed a Housing Tax Increment Financing (TIF) package for the developer.  The project will receive about $5.4 million in principal payments plus interest over a 25-year period.  A portion of the TIF proceeds will go into the Red Wing Affordable Housing Trust Fund for use in other affordable housing projects in the City.

 The HRA is excited about being a part of this housing.  By assisting the Developer in a TIF application we are meeting our mission as stated below:

 To provide quality, affordable, sustainable housing and community redevelopment programs utilizing resources that develop public and private partnerships.

 The HRA also wants to acknowledge the assistance received by Keller Bartmann Properties LLC, Springsted, Inc., Kennedy & Graven, Chartered, the City of Red Wing City Council and Staff, and Finn Daniels Architects in making this development possible.

HRA Commissioner John Rohan sworn in 

Red Wing Mayor Sean Dowse issued the Oath of Office to John Rohan on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at the HRA's regular monthly meeting. 


 2018 Calendar Photo Contest

Winners Announced


Pictured (front row from left to right)  HRA Commissioner Roseanne Grosso, Kim Odman, HRA Staff and Corrine Stockwell, HRA Staff. (back row from left to right) HRA Commissioner Glen Witham, Miguel Trujillo, Tim Alms, Jim Martin, and Kip Earney


Congratulations to Miguel Trujillo, Tim Alms, Jim Martin and Kip Earney of the Red Wing Photo Club.  Their pictures were selected from nearly 60 submissions to be part of the HRA's 2019 calendar.  The Photo Club was challenged to enter sunrise and sunset photos from our community.  Winners each received $50 for each photo that was chosen for the calendar.


To be eligible to enter the 2020 contest, the photographer must be a member of the

Red Wing Photography Club.

 Please contact for more details on the contest and membership.





2018 Outstanding Advocate

Randal Hemmerlin, Executive Director was awarded the 2018 Outstanding Advocacy Award from Minnesota Housing Partnership (MHP).  MHP recognizes outstanding advocates who make significant contributions to advance affordable housing.  Mr. Hemmerlin has pioneered the Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF) in Red Wing, and shared his knowledge and experience with other Housing Authorities to create their own.  Randal has facilitated meetings with local leaders, spoke with lawmakers at the Capitol, and built momentum on the concept and legislation of Local Housing Trust Funds. 

Congratulations Randal on a job well done!




Homebuyers Assistance Loan Program

October 6, 2017

 The Red Wing HRA is accepting applications for its AHTF Homebuyers Assistance Program.

 Funding for this program is made available through the Red Wing Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF).  The AHTF Memorandum approved by the HRA and City has a preference for funding opportunities for workforce housing, which means at least one member of the applying household must be employed as full-time to be eligible for this loan.   For the Years 2017 and 2018, the allocation shall be $60,000. 

 The purpose of the program is to assist low and moderate-income workforce families with the purchase of affordable housing in the City of Red Wing.  This program will provide financial assistance to households who have income at or below 115% of the area median income.  Eligible households can receive up to $9,000 for homebuyer assistance based on need.  The applicant must have at least $1,000 of their own equity in the home purchase.

 The homebuyer assistance will act as a deferred loan at zero percent interest.  This means that the borrower will not need to make monthly payments on this loan.  However, the loan is not forgivable.  It must be paid back by the homeowner upon the sale of the house, vacating the house as a primary residence, or at the expiration of the 30-year term.

 Applicants will be processed as received on a pipeline basis.  The program will continue until the $60,000 is allocated to applicants.

 The AHTF Guidelines and Application links are here: (guidelines)  (application).  We recommend reading the Guidelines before beginning the application process.  Program is subject to change.




For Public Housing and Section 8.

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For information regarding the Violence Against Womens Act

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What is VAWA                   VAWA Form



Small Cities Program Income Fund

(A revolving loan fund)


Maps of the target area are available from the HRA - click here 
Application form and guidelines - click here

As of October 31, 2015, the Red Wing HRA has about $1.34 million in Small Cities amortized and deferred loans that were made to commercial businesses and homeowners to improve their properties.  Amortized loans have an annual or monthly payment to the HRA’s Small Cities Program Income fund.  The HRA relends the Small Cities Program Income funds to commercial businesses for eligible rehabilitation projects in our target areas.  The typical loans are $50,000 total of which $25,000 is amortized for payback over 10 years and the other $25,000 is deferred with a 10 year forgiveness clause if conditions are met.  Both loans have 0% interest rates.  Because there is a high demand for these funds and limited supply, commercial business property owners should contact the HRA to discuss their proposal and see if funds are available.  Typically, we are able to make one to two Small Cities Program Income fund loans per year depending on the payback of the existing loans.



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Applicants must pass background check, crime checks and landlord references.
Contact the HRA at 651-388-7571

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To provide quality, affordable, sustainable housing and community redevelopment programs utilizing resources that develop public and private partnerships.


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