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Steps for Application
Waiting List Application
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Housing Guidelines

Applying for HUD Housing Assistance? [PDF]*


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Include copies of Social Security Cards and Birth Certificates for all household members. Also include copy of work pay stub, rental lease, and SS or SSI papers if applicable.

Step 1: Application

We are currently accepting applications for our housing programs. Applications may be picked up at our Red Wing HRA office between 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday:

428 West Fifth Street
Red Wing, MN 55066
Telephone 651-388-7571

When your name reaches the top of the waiting list you will be notified by mail and an appointment will be scheduled with our Program Assistant.

The following documents are available to you to begin the application process and can be faxed (651-385-0551), hand delivered, or mailed to the above address. All applications must include verification of identity (ie: photo copy of Social Security card and Birth Certificate).  

Step 2: Appointment with Program Assistant

Once your appointment is scheduled with the Program Assistant you will be mailed a full application to have completed and brought with you to the scheduled appointment.

Step 3: Application Approval

When you are approved for housing, you will be offered the next available unit.


Print out copy of the waitng list application by clicking on the highlighted link above.  Complete the form and fax, mail or hand deliver to our address.  Copies of your Social Security card and Birth Certificate must also be included with your application.

Before you begin the application, you should have the names, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers available for all household members.

If you are unsure which housing program or property is right for you, go back and review the property and program descriptions on this web site before beginning the application.

Phone Numbers:   651-388-7571/ Fax 651-385-0551 TDD/TTY: 711   


The following policies guide our agency.  Click the links below to learn more.  Full copies of all of our policies and procedures can be found at our administrative office.  Please contact us for more information.


Income Limits and Rent

Regulations regarding admission to and occupancy in Jordan Towers and Family Public Housing  units are established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  Income of each household is certified prior to move-in and annually to determine rent.  Rent is based on 30% of the household’s monthly adjusted income. 

Income includes, but is not limited to:  Social Security, pensions, SSI, wages, dividends and interest, or other income earned on assets.  Assets include, but are not limited to: Certificates of deposit, checking, savings, stocks, bonds, equity in real estate, and other forms of capital investments.  A minimum of 2% interest is calculated on all assets.  All elderly and persons with disabilities are able to deduct medical and/or handicap assistance expenses that exceed 3% of the household’s gross annual income.  Medical deductions include, but are not limited to:  Medical insurance premiums, prescriptions, payments on medical or dental bills, glasses, hearing aids, etc.

Security Deposit

The security deposit for Jordan Towers I and II and the Family Public Housing units are equal to one month’s total tenant payment (30% of the tenant’s adjusted monthly gross income).  The security deposit will be used by the Red Wing HRA at the termination of the lease toward reimbursement of the cost of repairing any damages to the unit either caused by the resident, his/her family, guests/dependents, cleaning charges, waste removal charges, or other charges as outlined in the lease and policies. The security deposit may not be used to pay rent or other charges while the tenant occupies the  unit.  No refund of the security deposit will be made until tenant has vacated and HRA has inspected the  unit.  The return of a security deposit shall occur within 21 days after tenant moves out. 

Criminal Activity
Tenants must refrain from criminal activity, abuse or a pattern of abuse of alcohol, illegal drug use, or violent criminal activity, on or off the assisted housing premises by tenant household members, guests, or other persons under tenant's control, including criminal activity that threatens the health, safety or right to peaceful enjoyment of HRA’s housing premises by other tenants, or any drug-related criminal activity on or off the premises.  Such activity shall be cause for immediate eviction (drug-related criminal activity is defined as manufacturing, selling, distributing, using, as well as simple possession of controlled substances or drug paraphernalia).  Activity and/or convictions on the above, by any household member, shall be just cause for eviction, whether the activity occurred on the property or elsewhere.  Criminal activity guidelines for applicants are listed in the Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy (ACOP), which is located at the Red Wing HRA Administration Office.

Parking is available for Jordan Tower residents on a limited basis for a monthly fee.  Lots are adjacent to each Tower.  All cars must be in good working condition and moved regularly. The lot is not to be used as a storage space for your car.  One stall for the Handicapped is located in each lot.  These are available only to vehicles bearing the State Handicapped emblem.  There is a 30-minute parking spot available in each Tower lot.  Additional parking can be found on Fourth or Fifth Street, and in the Fourth Street Parking Ramp.

Family Units: Individual parking stalls are available.

All pets must be approved in advance by the HRA management, a signed pet permit is required.  Tenants are not permitted to have more than one type of pet.  Types of pets allowed are one dog, maximum weight 20 pounds OR one cat litter box trained, must be spayed or neutered, must have all required inoculations and  be licensed; small birds, fish, rodents, or small turtle.  NO exotic, feral, dangerous, wild, poisonous, farm or breeding animals allowed.  A complete list of acceptable and unacceptable pets are listed in the Pet Policy.

Moving Out
Tenants are required to submit a written notice to the Housing Manager 30 days prior to vacating their unit.  You are responsible to pay rent for the 30 days even if you vacate the apartment early.  This notice is required so that we may promptly rent your apartment to another on the Waiting List.

Before you leave, please clean your apartment thoroughly.   Return all keys to the Office.  Be sure to remove all of your possessions, as the HRA cannot be responsible for anything left behind.  A move-out inspection will be scheduled and the unit will be inspected noting any damages, repair and cleaning to be done.  Tenant will be given the opportunity to be present at the move-out inspection.

If the apartment is not vacant upon the date you gave notice for, you will be charged $25.00 per day until the unit is fully vacant.  

Grievance Policy
A “grievance” is any dispute that a tenant may have with respect to the HRA’s action or failure to act in accordance with an individual’s Lease or HRA regulations, which adversely affect the individual tenant’s rights, duties, welfare or status.

Any grievance shall be presented orally or in writing to the HRA Office.  This must be presented within a reasonable time, not in excess of the first working day after the fifth day of the action or failure to act, which is the basis of the grievance.

For a detailed step-by-step description of the grievance procedure, please contact the HRA Office.

428 West Fifth Street  |  Red Wing, MN 55066  |  Phone: 651-388-7571  |  Fax: 651-385-0551